Our enrollment system is flexible and allows you to start at any time. However, to get the most
out of your money and effort, your advisor may recommend that you start at the beginning of a
semester. Talk to an advisor about the best time for you!

We offer two different programs to best meet the needs of all our students. For more information and scholarship applications, contact our Admissions Department.

Our application process is simple! All you need to do is fill out an application, wait for your list of
documents, send us these required papers, schedule an interview with the immigration service
and then enter the US!

We have special programs/scholarships to meet the diverse needs of our students. Believe us,
we do understand what it means to have special needs. Here, at Eagle Sacramento School,
diversity is embraced and celebrated.

Eagle Sacramento has staff that can issue student visas. The most common visas for our
students are tourist visas for cross-cultural programs or F-1 student visas for long-term
academic, professional or extension programs.